Medical Massage

Wohltuende, medizinische Massage

Medical Massage is one of the oldest remedies in medicine. It uses a large number of specific handles in different variations: strokes, kneading, friction, shaking or vibration.


Massages achieve a number of important, regenerating effects. These include:

  • Hyperemia (increased blood flow)
  • Tonus regulation of the musculature, nerves and vessels
  • Improvement of vascular permeability
  • Fluid displacement in vessels and tissue
  • Increase of metabolic processes, immunological stimulation
  • Analgesic effect (Gate Control Theory)

The classic wellness massage is probably known to everyone. But there are many other forms of massage, for example:

  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage
  • Fascia Massage (see also Fascia Therapy)
  • Medical Massage

For muscular or fascial problems in the form of hardening or tension, massages are often one of the most effective tools of our physical therapists.

The effect of the massage is caused on the one hand by the increased blood circulation and on the other hand by the positive stimuli on the skin, which are perceived by various nerve cells and transmitted to the brain. The central nervous system absorbs these impulses, which leads to a reflex relaxation and calming of the autonomic nervous system.

Whether individual points or entire muscle strands are tensed and hardened – a correctly performed massage can have a great effect.

Sportmassage am Wadenmuskel im PTA Center Stuttgart
Medizinische Massage am Oberschenkel
Sportmassage im Bereich Hals & Nacken

Sports Massage

An important and frequently used massage form in the PTA Center is the Sports Massage. It is often carried out with one of the following priorities:

Preparatory massage

The preparatory massage is used to prepare for sporting achievements, for example before a competition. The blood circulation in the muscles and the mobility of the skin and tissue layers is improved.

Relaxing massage, regeneration massage

Regeneration massage is used to regulate muscle tone, meaning the state of tension of the muscles. It brings the vegetative nervous system into balance, has a sleep-promoting effect and relaxes the body also on a psychological level.

The regeneration massage is also an aid to our physical therapists in recording findings, as it gives them the opportunity to analyse the patient’s body and then treat it with targeted trigger point massage.

For massages in the PTA Center, oils or lotions can be used on request.

Symptom treatment with Medical Massage

A number of symptoms that can be influenced excellently with a Medical Massage are:

  • Headaches
  • Swindle
  • Symptoms radiating into the arms or legs
  • Sore muscles
  • General muscle pain
  • Stress-related tensions

Medical Massages can also be combined with active methods or movements (functional massage or mobilising massage).

An important difference to the typical wellness massage:
Thanks to their training and many years of experience, our physical therapists are familiar with the areas of muscle anatomy and physiology down to the smallest detail and can deal specifically with your physical complaints.

Medizinische Massage in Stuttgart, PTA Center
Klassische Massage in Stuttgart
Medizinische Massage im Nackenbereich

Classical Massage

The Classical Massage pursues the following, general goals:

  • Pain reduction, or elimination of pain
  • Tonus reduction or tone increase
  • Circulation stimulation
  • Promotion of the lymphatic circulation
  • Reduction of typical stress reactions in the body (e.g. increase in blood pressure and heart rate)
  • Mobilization of the different tissue layers

Principles of the Classical Massage

Effects of the stimuli on the skin

  • Release of adhesions between tissue layers
  • Release of structural changes that restrict the range of movement of the muscle
  • Hyperemia (increase in blood flow)
  • Acceleration and increase of the lymph flow
  • Oedema reduction
  • Metabolic stimulation and improved nutrient supply of the tissue

Biochemical effects

  • Release of various substances such as inflammation mediators, endorphins etc. and their effects
  • Tissue perfusion
  • Wound healing
  • Pain inhibition

The type, intensity and duration of the massage play an important role.

  • Tonus-regulating reflexes (regulation of skin tension)
    • Somatovisceral route: Somatic stimuli of the skin, tendons, muscles exert an effect on internal organs
    • Viscerosomatic route: Shows how disorders of internal organs can have an effect on the skin, peripheral joints and the spine

Psychogenic effect

  • Relaxation, improvement of the general condition
  • Muscle toning, pain reduction
  • Reduced release of stress hormones
  • Improvement of depressive moods
  • Positive influence on the immune system

PTA Center – Medical Massages in Stuttgart

The team of physical therapists at the PTA Center provides excellent Medical Massages adapted to each patient. Have you been prescribed massages by your doctor or would you like to take advantage of them on your own initiative? Our therapists look forward to accompanying you through your recovery and strengthening processes.

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