Fascia therapy

Faszientherapie am Wadenmuskel

Fascia belong to the connective tissue in the human body and serve as a link between organs, bones and muscles. They give stability to the entire body.

Functional disorders of the fascia can cause numerous complaints, such as restrictions in the musculoskeletal system or non-specific back pain.

FDM (Fascial Distortion Model)

FDM is the classical model within fascial treatments and includes various disorders of the fascial system. Based on this model, various treatment techniques are used, depending on the distortions found, in order to restore the original position of the fascia.

Fascia can twist, tear or stick together, which has an inhibitory effect on the musculoskeletal system. Consequently, the main goal of the FDM is to restore the full range of motion.

Part of fascial treatment can also be the use of special aids, such as the Fazer, to treat the existing complaints even more effectively

Faszienbehandlung mit kleinem Fazer
Faszienbehandlung mit großem Fazer
Faszienbehandlung mithilfe einer klassischen Faszienrolle
Foam Rolling im Bereich Rücken/Nacken

Foam Rolling

Training with fascial rolls is an additional way to ensure the smooth functioning of the fascial system. A central advantage is that as a patient you can do many of these exercises independently at home.

During your treatment, we will select various foam rolling exercises for you and give you detailed instructions, so that you can continue training at home

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