Company Health Management

What is Company Health Management?

Company Health Management serves to promote and maintain the health of your employees. Healthy employees are vital, balanced and satisfied and carry out their work with more energy and vigour.

What advantage do I have as an entrepreneur?

A lower level of sick leave in the company. In particular, protracted absences due to back problems, for example, can be prevented. As a business owner, you benefit equally from your employees’ ability to work and higher performance.

In addition, since 01 January 2008, the health promotion of employees in Germany has been unbureaucratically supported by tax authorities. A company can invest up to 500 euros per employee/year free of wage tax for health-promoting measures. A company can invest up to 1,128 euros per employee/year in health-promoting measures free of wage tax.

Which Company Health Management modules does the PTA Center offer?

  • Physiotherapy (manual therapy, fascia therapy, sports physiotherapy)
  • Nutritional advice (incl. fat measurement)
  • Courses for mobility and strength building
  • Personal training with creation of a personal training plan

What does Company Health Management cost me as an entrepreneur?

  • You define an amount that you want to invest annually per employee
  • Up to 1,128 Euro per employee/year are tax deductible

It’s that simple:


Contact PTA Center.
We introduce ourselves personally and advise you without obligation.


Internal company consultation,
for example with tax consultant, personnel department etc.


Preparation and conclusion of the contract
between your company and PTA Center.


PTA Center takes over the health-promoting measures
according to the contract. Your employees can arrange appointments independently.

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