Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is used to stimulate the flow of lymph in the body. For this purpose, our physical therapists use special grip techniques such as scoop grips, twist grips, pump grips, standing circles and other gentle movements and finally cause excess fluid to be transported from the periphery towards the heart.
Manual Lymph Drainage is therefore a special medical massage, which is used especially in the case of swelling, injuries or diseases. It can be prescribed by your doctor and is often found as a charging item on your prescription. MLD requires an additional qualification and is therefore only performed by specially trained physical therapists.
The complex physical decongestive therapy includes the prevention and treatment of various edemas (lymphedema, phlebedema, orthostatic edema, congestive edema, artificial edema, diuretic-induced edema) and also takes place after injuries (for example sports injuries such as supination trauma) and after operations to support the healing process.

Fields of application of Manual Lymph Drainage

Primary Lymphedema

Primary lymphedema is genetic and can have the following triggering factors:

  • Puberty (hormonal change)
    – Increased liquid accumulates
    – Overloading of the underdeveloped lymphatic system
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Falls, traumas

Secondary Lymphedema

Secondary lymphedema is the term used for acquired damage to the originally intact lymph vessel system. Triggering factors can be:

  • Operations (surgical removal of lymph nodes as part of tumor therapy)
  • Irradiation = Radiotherapy; radiofibrosis (cartilage-like, skin becomes parchment-like thin; walls up the lymphatic vessel)
  • Traumas of the lymph vessels
  • Inflammation (lymphangitis, lymphadenitis)
  • Worm infections
  • Initial malignant lymphedema
  • Tumors or metastases (can compress lymphatic vessels)

What does Lymph actually mean?

The Lymph is a fluidin our body. It is transported through lymph vessels (similar to blood vessels). When an injury occurs, the body sends extra lymph to the injured area to remove harmful substances. This causes a swelling.

More information about the lymph
Lymphdrainage im PTA Center; Behandlung einer Schwellung

How do blood vessel system and lymph vessel system differ?

Vascular System

  • Closed circuit, driven by the heart
  • Supply of the body cells with nutrients and oxygen via the arterial system
  • Disposal via the venous system
  • Transport capacity: 5000 l/day

Lymph Vascular System

  • Semicircle that begins blind in the connective tissue and enters the venous system shortly before the heart
  • Lymphatic flow particularly promoted by the contraction of the lymphangions, but also by breathing and muscle activity
  • Removal of macromolecular substances from the interstitium (mostly products of cell metabolism)
  • Transport capacity : 2-3 l/day
Lymph drainage in the PTA Center Stuttgart, lymph tape

For which diseases is oedema therapy most frequently used?

  • Chronic lymphedema
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Postoperative swelling
  • Swelling due to injury
  • For pregnant women who suffer from swelling in the legs, lymphatic drainage can be relieving and relaxing

After Lymph Drainage

Compression Therapy is often used to supplement and preserve the treatment result. The treated part of the body is wrapped up to prevent the edema from forming again quickly.

Basically the following must be observed in connection with lymph drainage:

  • Do not wear clothes that are too tight, as this makes lymph drainage more difficult
  • The skin should be cared for carefully
  • Special care during nail care
  • Always wear gloves when working in the house and garden
  • Limit sporting activities to light movements (walking, Nordic Walking, swimming, etc.)
  • Sauna, solarium and sunbathing should be avoided

A lymph tape can additionally support the lymph drainage. It is applied after lymph drainage and remains on the skin for about 3-5 days. The application of the lymphatic tape is based on the anatomical course of the lymph channels.

Lymph Drainage in Stuttgart

For Lymphatic Drainage in the greater Stuttgart area you will find the ideal physical therapists in the PTA Center Stuttgart. We would be pleased to discuss your complaints in this area with you and together we will determine a treatment path that will lead to increased activity of your lymphatic system.

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