Football Concussion Protocol –
prevention and treatment of concussions

Concussion Protocol Behandlung von Gehirnerschütterungen und Kopfverletzungen

Concussionscan happen to us in numerous situations. Do you play a contact sport where the risk of head injury from opponents, teammates, or the sports venue is increased? These include American Football, Rugby, Ice Hockey, various Martial Arts, but also Winter Sports with high fall potential.

Especially in team and martial arts, so-called subconcussive hits often occur during training and in games. As athletes, we don’t notice them because they don’t cause wounds or pain. The real danger lies in the frequency of such concussions. In American Football, for example, players may experience thousands of such head concussions over the course of their training and playing time, eventually leading to brain injuries and neurogenerative diseases with serious late effects.

Prevention and treatment of concussions

At the PTA Center, we do important prevention work in this area and offer a variety of services related to Concussions, Concussion Protocol, Concussion Management, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Among other things, we use the same software for this purpose that is also used in professional leagues such as the NFL. The corresponding online tests are designed for people between the ages of 12 and 80 and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. In addition, there is the possibility of presence or online lectures for players, coaches, supervisors and professionals.

The ImPACT Baseline online test is taken by each player once a year. This is especially effective in keeping cognitive skills, which can be affected by concussions, up to date. Post-injury testing occurs immediately after a potential injury to diagnose any cognitive impairments. In addition, we offer thorough cervical spine exams by specialized physical therapists at the PTA Center.

Our online testing is a scientifically validated tool that provides important, supportive data as part of the diagnostic process. If a concussion is present, we are happy to support you with information, comprehensive sports medicine treatment and, of course, the return-to-play process.

Football Concussion Protocol Help for Head Injuries

Our Concussion Protocol Program at a glance

This test is performed by each player once a year. It determines the player’s cognitive abilities and serves as the data basis for the Post-Injury Test, which is conducted after potential head or brain injuries.

Immediately following a head injury or suspected concussion, the Post-Injury Test is administered online. The results are compared with the Baseline Test data. Discrepancies between the respective test results support the medical staff in their diagnostics.

After potential or sustained head injuries, careful examinations and various forms of physical therapy are performed, including Manual Therapy, Exercise Therapy, and Thermotherapy. A primary focus is on the cervical spine, which can have associated injuries such as whiplash.

For players, coaches, supervisors and professionals we organize from time to time subject-related professional seminars. On request, seminars and training courses can of course also be held specifically for individual teams.

Price overview & Order

ImPACT Baseline Online Test + Post-Injury Online Test (Combo)

1-49 tests: € 49.00 incl. VAT per person

50-99 tests: €47.50 incl. VAT per person

100-199 tests: € 45.00 incl. VAT per person

200-299 tests: € 44.00 incl. VAT per person

300-499 tests: €42.50 incl. VAT per person

500-999 tests: €41.00 incl. VAT per person

1000+ tests: €39.50 incl. VAT per person

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