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CEO & Founder

Portrait of Kai-Uwe Aescht, CEO & Founder

"The PTA Center team members are the ones that create the excellent image of our practice. Our physical therapists are specifically trained and qualified for a wide range of treatments, and we are committed to continuous education and sharing knowledge with each other.

Equally important is the work of our doctors, who provide precise examinations and treatments in their fields. Their many years of experience and motivation to offer the best possible treatments are fundamental to the well-being of our patients.

Our professional and attentive staff will make your visits to the PTA Center pleasant and refreshing."

Kai-Uwe Aescht
CEO & Founder

  • Trained Physical Therapist and Sports Physical Therapist
  • Training and education in Germany, USA, UK & China
  • International Executive MBA (International Executive Management) at St. Galler Business School of Switzerland


Portrait of Daniela Riedel

Daniela Riedel
Senior Sports Physical Therapist & Natural Health Practitioner

  • Physical Therapist for the German national sports federation (track and field)
  • Specialized in sports/rehabilitation, manual therapy, fascial therapy (FDM)
  • Training in manual lymphatic drainage, medical training therapy, kinesio-taping
  • Trained Natural Health Practitioner
  • Sports Physical Therapist of the German Olympic Sports Confederation
  • Athletes of different national teams (2006-2011 judo, since 2011 athletics), training camps, as well as European and World Championships
  • Physical Therapist of the German Athletics Association since 2011
  • Participation in the medical team of the German national team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
Portrait of Katja Pidel

Katja Pidel
Sports Physical Therapist

  • Physical Therapist for the German national sports federation (Gymnastics)
  • Several years as a coach for gymnastics in the USA, as well as for functional strength training, mobility, fitness and rehabilitation courses in Germany
  • Continued education in the areas of fascial therapy (fascial distortion model), kinesio and sports taping, trigger point therapy, Mulligan Concept of manual therapy
  • Currently studying to receive her Bachelor's degree in Business Management & Administration
Portrait of Karin Grauer

Karin Grauer
Assistant & Fitness Trainer

  • Trained sports and fitness merchant
  • Responsible for the areas of scheduling, accounting, patient management
Portrait of Marius Okai

Marius Okai
Physical Therapist

  • Trained Physical Therapist
  • Further training in the areas of manual lymphatic drainage, kinesio-taping, Dento-Myo-Arthropathy-Concept (treatment of the temporomandibular joint)
  • Experience as biokinematics and back exercise trainer
  • Bachelor in Communication and Information Sciences
Portrait of Irina Langefeld

Dr. med. Irina Langefeld

  • Specialist in General Medicine
  • Specialized in natural remedies and homeopathy
  • Many years of experience with naturopathic infusion and injection-therapy
  • ACP treatments
  • Experience in sports medicine, surgery and orthopedics
  • Consultant for certified training in quality management
Portrait of Kamilla Kowalewski

Kamilla Kowalewski
Media Designer

  • Trained media designer
  • Researcher, lecturer and program manager at a private university in the fields of media design and media management
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