Kai-Uwe Aescht CEO & Founder


Kai-Uwe Aescht, CEO & Founder of the Excellenceo Group were                      PTA Center, SCTA Strength Conditioning & Therapy Academy and Excellenceo Consulting are a part of. He is a physical therapist and performance specialist, educated in Germany and the United States of America, including EXOS (Phoenix/Arizona) and FitnessQuest10 (San Diego/ California). He currently studies International Management at the St. Gallen Business School in Switzerland.

The Office of H.H. The Amir of Kuwait appointed him exclusively for Germany. Also the health offices of the Royal Embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Kuwait commissioned him and his team at PTA Center to take care of Rehabilitation Patients coming to Stuttgart.


He is regularly speaking at summits/conventions such as Perform Better Summit Europe, LIW Birmingham or MeFit Pro Summit Dubai. He advises firms in the Middle East in rehab clinic construction and planning.

Daniela Riedel  Sports Physical Therapist


Daniela has been a registered physical therapist since 2004 and has been working with us since 2012.

In this time she has gained a wide range of experience in the fields of sports rehabilitation and orthopedic physical therapy.


Her main emphasis lies in sports physical therapy, manual therapy and facial therapy ( Typaldos ). In addition she obtained qualifications in manual lymphatic drainage, medical training therapy ( MTT ), kinesio taping, and medical sports taping.


For years she has been working as a sports physical therapist for the German Olympic Sports Confederation ( DOSB ). She has worked with various national teams ( 2006-2011 Judo / since 2011 Track and Feild ) on national and international level, supervising training camps, european championships and world championships.


We are proud to say that she was part of the medical staff of the german Olympic team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!

Katja Pidel Sports Physical Therapist


Katja Pidel, a german and american citizen, moved to Germany in 2012 to study Physical Therapy in Kassel.


In America she gained many years of experience coaching Gymnastics at all levels. While studying in Germany, Katja worked as a trainer for functional strength training, mobility, rehabilitational fitness courses and as a ski instructor.


As a physical therapist she has specialised in FDM, Kinesio-taping, sports-taping, Triggerpoint Therapy and the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. Most recently she recieved her certification as a sports physical therapist, from the German Olympic Sports Federation.

Jasmin Danielse  Office Assistant


In 2013 Jasmin Danielse graduated school for business and office management. Since then she has been accountable for time scheduling, accounting, patient management as well as general administration of PTA Center.


Do you need an appoinment? Have any questions about your invoice?

Ms. Danielse is here to help you!


Stijepan Sucic   Sports Physical Therpist


Stijepan Sucic is a physical therapist since 2007 and has been part of our team since April 2016. After his graduation he has specialized in sports-orientated physiotherapy. In 2008 Stijepan moved to Cologne in order to study sports- and exercise-science at the German Sports University Cologne. During his studies he worked at the Olympic Center Rhineland, and worked with athletes from different sports, like judo and field-hockey.


In 2011 he was a performance-specialist-trainee at EXOS (formerly known as Athletes’ Performance, supporting the german national soccer -team since 2004). After finishing his studies in 2012 he worked with the junior team from 1.FC Cologne (soccer in Germany) for 2 years. 2014 he enrolled back in the German Sports University to get his Masters-degree in sports physical therapy. In 2015 he switched from soccer to basketball to work as sports phyical therapist,  strength and conditioning coach for the basketball boarding school, team Ehingen/Urspring.

Karin Grauer  Office Assistant & Fitness Trainer

Karin Grauer works as an office assistant  and fitness trainer at PTA Center.
She went to school for sports and business management and worked in a health and fitness club in Stuttgart at that time.


In addition to her work as a trainer at PTA Center, she is responsible for scheduling, accounting and patient management together with Ms. Jasmin Danielse.


If you have any questions or need an appointment, Ms. Grauer is here for you every workday!


Kamilla Kowalewski  M.A. Mediendesigner, AD, Program Manager


Since 2003 Kamilla Kowalweski has been working as a freelance media designer. Since day one, she has been responsible for the creative processes and media production at PTA Center.


In addition to her work as creative director from 2009-2010, she has broadened her feild of work to including work as a research assosiate, professor and program manager at a private college for media design and management.



She teaches modern art history and gives lectures and seminars about media and communication design, typography and desktop publishing.