OUR Mission

Ultimate expert knowledge, highest levels of personalized service and comfort, privacy and convenience through flexible and individual rehab, therapy and training sessions at our four locations in Stuttgart, were qualities I had in mind when PTA Center launched its headquarter in 2011 and of course our second (2013), third branch (2014) and fourth branch (2015).

What we successfully do we share with other´s. Our SCTC Strength Conditioning & Therapy Coach Education Program adds more and more regions we teach in such as Germany, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi UAE and Dubai UAE. 

PTA Center offers its discerning patients and clients all these benefits with

an ultra-modern therapy and training equipment at all our locations.

At PTA Center, we are confident that with this exceptional way of physical therapy, medical and training service, tailored to your requirements, we will consistently exceed your expectations whenever you choose to consult us.

Kai-Uwe Aescht
Owner PTA Center Physiotherapy & Athletics