Taping an ankle joint

Sports Rehabilitation

Training room with rack and weight bench

Sports Rehabilitation takes place after sports injuries, such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or a torn ligament of the ankle joint (supination trauma) - regardless of whether these occurred during sports or in other situations.

The entire sports rehabilitation process is closely supervised by our sport physical therapists. Our goal is to restore your performance capacity step by step.

The wide variety of equipment in our training area and the excellent team of therapists and doctors at PTA Center will ensure a very professional interdisciplinary sports rehabilitation.

Tape bandage on the foot
Kinesiotape at the knee joint Kinesiotape Upper Arm/Shoulder
Kinesiotape-Attachment at the Knee Joint

Classic tapes

We use tape bandages for sports rehabilitation as well as for the prevention of overloading or injuries. With their help joints are specifically supported and relieved of too much weight bearing.

In sports injuries, the mechanical stability of classic tape bandages limits various directions of movement to the extreme, for example to prevent pain that would occur if a joint were to reach the end of its range of motion. The remaining mobility is possible, as usual, so that your ability to engage in sports is maintained.

Tape bandage on the foot
Kinesiotape at the knee joint Kinesiotape Upper Arm/Shoulder


Kinesiotape was developed in Japan and originates from kinesiology. The band aid like fabric band resembles the human skin in its longitudinal elasticity and thickness, and is therefore particularly flexible.

We use Kinesiotape for various injuries or complaints to regulate muscle tension, for scar treatment, pain relief or to promote better blood circulation.

Kinesiotape-Attachment at the Knee Joint
Theraband im Trainingsraum Kurzhanteln Trainingsraum PTA Center Rehagerät Leg Press


In the context of prevention, postural deficits, everyday habits and movement habits, that can lead to long term problems, are recognized and treated preventively.

As a patient, you will learn what consequential damage can result from different postural and movement patterns, how to perceive symptoms early on and what preventive measures are possible through targeted exercises and individual corrections.

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