Physical Therapy

The excellent physical therapy treatments at the PTA Center are among our most important skills. Long-time patients as well as new patients commend the results that the therapy brings.

Our physical therapists can do a lot for your health – after accidents, injuries or operations, with orthopedic ailments or illnesses and of course for prevention.

Please familiarize yourself with some of our services below.

Manual Therapy

The manual therapy ensures the perfect functioning of your body movements. Our physical therapists therefore work closely with your joints, muscles and nerve fibers to specifically treat pain and movement restrictions.

Manual therapy is one of the most important methods on the way to a healthy functional state of your body.

Training Therapy

The goal of training therapy is improving the performance of your body. It does not matter if this is the recovery after an illness or injury or the preparation for a competition.

Our therapists focus in particular on the areas of strength, endurance, mobility and coordination, which our training room is ideally equipped for this.


Medical massages are used for releasing tension, knots or other dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Stress-related, psychosomatic illnesses can also be treated quite will with regular massage therapy.

You will notice immediately after your treatment that the therapists at PTA know exactly how each muscles needs to be treated to return to a relaxed and normal state.

Heat Therapy

In various therapeutic situations, we use heat at specific points, to have a regenerating effect on pain zones and discomfort. This may affect your musculoskeletal system, e.g. in the neck or lower back.

But even with strains and distortions, heat applications support the healing process. Important effects are muscle relaxation, pain relief and blood circulation promotion.

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